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Hills of Steel 2 Review – A Beginners Guide:

Whoa. Hills of Steel 2 is a multiplayer online fun tank game where you team up with random players or with your friends and play fun events. If you are a fan of tank games, no doubt this game will give you a lot of fun whether you play alone or with friends.

In this Hills of Steel 2 Review article, we will dissect the game and cover all aspects of the Hills of Steel 2 mobile game. If you are playing this game or thinking to install, then this guide will help you understand better about the game.

About the developer:

Superplus games, the developer of this action mobile game has developed quite similar games like Hills of Steel 2, including the first part of the game Hills of Steel that was able to get over 10M downloads in play store.

About Hills of Steel 2:

Hills of Steel 2 is an action tank game developed for both android and iOS devices. It is a 3 vs 3 real-time tank battle that has tons of fun and cool events/game modes. You fight on the hilly terrain that supplements the gameplay. 

This mobile tank game has 7 events, you can say game modes that are shuffled every 24 hours. Choose the best tank from 11 tanks based on different game modes to favor your win. This addictive multiplayer war game is something targeted at killing time and boredom.

Download Hills of Steel 2:

The Hills of Steel 2 tank game is available on both Android and iOS devices. Here are the links to download the game from official channels. As always, we recommend downloading any game from google play store or apple app store to avoid installing any compromised apk file.

download from google play store
Download on the Apple app store

How to Play (Hills of Steel 2 review):

If you have just installed the game, probably you would not understand the game for quite some time as there are not many tutorials on the events and how you can progress up on the ladder. In this how-to guide of “Hills of Steels 2”, we will share everything you need to know to understand the game better and enjoy to the full extent.

Everything we say here is from our own experience and is the result of hours and hours of time we have spent in this game.

The game has 7 game modes and all are PvP i.e. player(s) vs player(s).

Boss battle:

This boss battle game mode is played among 4 players. A random player becomes the boss with increased HP and has to fight against the other 3 in the war.

Whatever tank you choose, basically you get a bigger version of that with elevated HP and you have to defend it till the timer runs out. If your tank is destroyed, you lose, else you win the match.

Star catch:

You might have guessed it. Yes, you and your team have to collect and hold more than 10 stars for 20 seconds to win the game.

The game is played between 3 vs 3 random players or you can team up with friends.

The stars are generated at the center in a regular interval.

Tip: If your tank is destroyed, you spill out all the stars collected and any player can collect them :D. So, try not to destroy your tank after you pick up a few stars and maintain a safe distance from enemy tanks. 

Double or nothing:

You can say “Double or nothing” is a gambling mode in the game. In this event, the entry costs you 5 gems. It is a 1 on 1 game where the winner takes 10 gems. For the first time, it is free and on subsequent matches, you have to put 5 gems at stake.

Tip: If you have a strong upgraded tank, then only enter into this event, else you will lose your hard-earned gems.


The domination game mode is played between 2 teams with 3 players each (3 vs 3). There are 3 flags in the hilly terrain and the team that controls the flags wins the game. A team has to cover up 2 or more flags for 100 seconds to win the round.

Team survival:

“Team survival” 3 players have to defend their base from a series of waves of enemy tanks.

The difficulty level increased with each wave.

The level 10, 11 waves are pretty much hard to defend and there needs to be team coordination and strong tanks to destroy the tank waves.

Bunker bash:

In this game mode, you have to defend your bunker. The team that destroys the enemy bunker wins the game. There are 2 levels of the bunker in the game and if your tank is destroyed in the war, you will be spawned at the bunker.

The game continues for 2 minutes and in case any of the team is not able to destroy the enemy bunker within 2 minutes, the game becomes a tie.


In rampage mode, you have to destroy more enemy tanks than your opponent in one and a half minutes. Each enemy kill adds one star to your team’s score and at the end of the round, the team with more stars wins the match.

Tip: Do not go to the front. Hide behind the slope and shoot the enemies with the projectile bullets. Hiding behind the slope makes it difficult for the enemies to aim for you.

Staying together in the rampage round is the key to win almost all matches.


  • Fun-filled action game with PvP mode.
  • Cool graphics and tanks.


  • Multiplayer invitation needs to be done every time for any match.
  • No audio in the multiplayer battle which could have been more fun.

Is it worth your time?

If you are looking for a tank action game, then this game is for you. The real-time PvP gameplay of Hills of Steel 2 is full of fun and addiction.

This is the game you should try out with your friends or you can play with random online players. Either way, it’s a ton of fun.


Play store: 4.4/5

How to play Hills of Steel 2 on PC:

The game is developed for mobile devices and it is more convenient on mobile also. But if you are interested in playing it on the PC, you can do so by installing any mobile emulator on your computer like BlueStacks, MEmu, etc.

You need to install the game through the play store, but this time within the emulator and enjoy it.

Can I play Hills of Steel 2 offline?

No, the game needs the internet to play as it is a PvP (player vs player) game.

Final words:

Hills of Steel 2 is a small game and the only option in this game is to play online with friends or random players. The game is loaded with amazing tanks and you can play this game for killing time. Maybe while playing this game, you may get addicted.

We hope this review cum guide/tips helped you to understand the game better and move up in the leaderboard.

If you have any awesome tips and tricks related to Hills of Steel 2, do let everyone know in the comments.

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