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Hot Wheels Unlimited Mobile Game Review [First Impression]

Well, the wait is over. Hot Wheels Unlimited mobile game is now available on the play store and app store for download. With the hype of the hot wheels game, we had pre-registered this game and this article will cover the Hot Wheels Unlimited review cum first impression.

If you are a fan of hot wheels, then you would probably like it. The game has the capability to build a hundred of thousands of race track variations and race on it.

Stay tuned.

About the developer:

Hot Wheels Unlimited mobile racing game is developed by Budge Studios. The company has quite a lot of mobile games developed targeting to entertain children across the globe and side by side educate them.

About Hot Wheels Unlimited:

Hot Wheels Unlimited is a mobile racing game rated 3+, where the player has to build the track and race against it in the Hot Wheels City. You have the option to build your own race track like jump tracks, twisted loop, and many more with your imagination.

Race through your tracks or even play with your friend on a 1 on 1 racing. The best part for all Hot Wheels lovers is the collection of cars. Keep racing in the Hot Wheel City and collect the cars and even monster trucks.

Over a hundred thousand variations of race tracks you can build and name them in the game for single player racing and play with your friend.

Download Hot Wheels Unlimited Mobile Game:

The mobile racing game Hot Wheels Unlimited is available on the Google play store and Apple app store. Click on the below button to download from the official website.

download from google play store
Download on the Apple app store

How to Play Hot Wheels Unlimited:

Hot Wheels Unlimited Review

The “Hot Wheels Unlimited” is a racing game where you can play daily challenges and unlock new hot wheels cars and track pieces. With the track pieces, you can also build your own race track, basically you have the option to design unlimited variations of the track with your creativity.

The game is not free to play; however, you can take up 3 guest challenges every 24 hours if you are playing for free. And, for more challenges, you need to upgrade to ultimate pass on a subscription basis. Yes, you read it right, its monthly subscription, not a one-time payment. The subscription cost is around $6 per month.

As part of the ultimate pass, you have access to exclusive monster trucks and some cool race track pieces.

Head to the track builder and create your own track using the default track pieces and the ones unlocked through the daily challenges. Give it a name and head for reading.

The game mode in custom race tracks supports 1 player or 2 player races. Who wants to race alone? It seems something for namesake. And the 2 player mode is not very convenient where both the player has to play in split-screen mode on the same mobile.

While racing, you can collect boosters on the track. When the boost button is enabled, hit it for an instant nitros.

Keep on collecting the red wheels by completing daily challenges. Once you gather enough red wheels, you can unlock new race track pieces, new cars, or even monster trucks.


  1. The option to create your own track


  1. Subscription cost is very high
  2. 2 player mode is not convenient
  3. Controls are not good

Is it worth your time?

It depends. If you are a fan of Hot Wheels, then probably you would like this game. Basically, it is a hot wheels collectible game for all the fans.

But, if you are a gamer like me looking for a racing game, you might have already understood. It’s a big NO. While playing the game, there is no excitement. I can say in one sentence, the game is kid-oriented like other games from the developer.

The game has no online racing with other players in the world and only has 2 player mode. The 2 player mode is something a joke from a hyped hot wheels game. Both the players have to play the 2 player racing in the split-screen mode. If you are playing on a tablet, it may work well for you. But for mobile, I wish I had a pretty bigger screen only to play this game. 

Hot Wheels Unlimited Game


Play store: 4.9/5
App store: 4.6/5

How to play Hot Wheels Unlimited on PC:

Since the Hot Wheels Unlimited game is developed only on mobile devices, you need to download an emulator on your computer to play this game or any mobile game.

Download BlueStacks or MEmu on your computer and install Hot Wheels Unlimited though it.

Can I play Hot Wheels Unlimited offline?

Yes, the “Hot Wheels Unlimited” game can be played offline. Even the 2 player race can be played offline as it is played on split-screen mode.

Final Thoughts:

After playing a couple of hours, I am writing this first impression for Hot Wheeld Unlimited. I had pre-registered for this app and had a very high expectation. Now, it is like awwwww. Creating race tracks is probably kids will love but not gamers.

There are many improvement areas in this game to make it more interesting especially the player racing if developed in real-time is something I would love and other gamers also.

Who pays a high monthly subscription for a game that basically does not have anything special. This is one area where the developer needs to re-consider.

This is my view after playing the game. Do let us and everyone know your feedback, did you like the game? And what could have been better in your thoughts?


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