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Again we got a sneak peek of Clash of Clans winter update on 4th December 2020 which has some awesome updates and a brand new siege machine named Log Launcher.

Read through the article, we will share all the important wiki about the new siege machine Log Launcher, attack strategy, statistics, and everything about it.

Log Launcher coc

While Log Launcher certainly isn’t the fastest or the sturdiest, it is definitely among the meanest. This trunk-throwing contraption pummels everything in front of it with endless logs to open up a path to the enemy Town Hall. Immune to spell effects.

Log Launcher siege machine:

The Log Launcher siege machine is the 5th siege machine to be unlocked at Town Hall 13. Like Wall Wrecker and Battle Blimp, the Log Launcher moves towards the enemy town hall when it is deployed. Once it reaches the town hall, it breaks apart and clan castle troops come out of it.

How does Log Launcher work?

The Log Launcher throws logs in regular intervals. The logs have a range of 20 tiles. Is it not overpowered?

Once you deploy the siege machine, it targets the enemy townhall like the Battle Blimp and Wall Wrecker and upon reaching the enemy TH, it breaks apart and deploys all the clan castle troops. It does not matter if the TH is standing or not, the Log Launcher moves towards the townhall position in the base.

The logs cannot get past the 4th building/defense despite having a range of 20 tiles. Simply the logs are destroyed after hitting the 4th defense/building on its way. So, the range of the log launcher you can say is 20 tiles or 4 defense/buildings.

Like Siege Barracks, the health of the Log Launcher siege machine decreases continuously even without taking any damage.

How to unlock Log Launcher?

The Log Launcher can be unlocked at level 5 siege workshop. The upgrade cost of the workshop is 16 million elixir and the build time is 16 days. Like Siege barracks, the Log Launcher can be unlocked only if you are at Town Hall 13. Like other siege machines, you can have it in your squad as part of clan donations if you are TH 10 or more.

The catch here is, while you upgrade the siege workshop to unlock the Log Launcher, you will not be able to build any other siege machines. Keep this in mind, if you are going for a war.

Log Launcher attack strategy:

If you want to try out the log launcher siege machine in battle, here are some attack strategies to get the most out of it.

  1. It opens up multiple compartments with its long-range trunks. Deploy your kill squad behind this siege machine so that you can push your kill squad directly to the core of the base. Keep in mind that the log launcher has a slow movement speed.
  2. Since it opens up multiple compartments, you do not need to take wall breakers or super wall breaker. Instead, you can have other troops which give an added advantage.
  3. The range of the Log Launcher is 20 tiles or 4 buildings; so while deploying find a suitable place where you can find more defenses on the way. The more the spacing between the building/defense, the better this siege machine works.
  4. If you are deploying the siege machine somewhere near the TH, it is very likely the siege machine can activate the town hall due to its long-range and you know what happens next. Be careful, this is the biggest drawback of using Log Launcher.

Log Launcher trivia:

  1. The Log Launcher does 4x damage on the walls.
  2. Log launcher deals area splash damage on the walls and buildings.
  3. It takes 5 logs to destroy a max level wall whereas the wall wrecker takes 3 hits to destroy a max wall.

How it is different than other siege machines?

Well, the Log Launcher is unique in its find, though it has a little similarity with other siege machines.

  1. The favorite target of the log launcher is walls. Yes, it works the same way as the wall wrecker.
  2. The health of this siege machine diminishes with time like the Siege Barracks.
  3. Like Wall Wrecker, Battle Blimp, the Log Launcher aims for the enemy town hall and upon reaching, it breaks apart and reveals the clan castle troops.

Log Launcher statistics:

Favorite TargetWalls (Damage x4)
Damage TypeArea Splash
Housing Space1
Movement Speed5
LevelDamage per SecondHitpointsTraining Cost
Training Time
Upgrade Time
Upgrade Cost

Final words:

Log launcher in COC is an amazing addition to the siege machines and I am pretty much excited about it. The siege machine can be very handy in opening up multiple layers of walls to deploy the troops right into the center of the enemy base. Like others also, it has certain demerits that you need to keep in mind.

Are you excited about the latest sneak peek from Clash of Clans Log launcher? If yes, do comment and let everyone know what will be your attack strategy with this brand new siege machine and any tips you have in your mind apart from the above ones.

Cheers !!!

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