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Megabots Review, Tips, and Tricks

Well, day by day, the mobile game industry is booming with unique concepts and gameplays. The mobile games in both android and iOS are becoming popular and it is not too early to tell that mobile gaming is the future and has the capability to surpass PC, PlayStation, or Xbox gaming. One such game is Megabots.

The MegaBots Battle Arena you can say is inspired by the real giant robots. Probably you can think of robots in movies like Transformers and Real Steel.

If you are hyped to play a robotic 1 on 1 game, then this Megabots review will help you understand about the game.

About the developer:

The mastermind developer behind the MegaBots Battle Arena game is an indie game developer who is passionate about giant robots and in real life the company Megabots Inc. is developing the real giant robots.

All the revenue from the game funds Megabots Inc. which is a million-dollar project already in progress. So, basically, when you see an advertisement or complete any in-app purchase, it helps the company to fund its real giant robot project.

About MegaBots Battle Arena:

The “MegaBots Battle Arena: Build Fighter Robot” is a 1 on 1 online action game where you fight with a random opponent, either in a championship match or in a quick match. Megabots is a fast-paced mobile game and approximately it takes a few seconds to finish a battle.

The goal of this game is to build your robot and make it powerful enough to fight against random players around the globe and tier up on the list.

The game has championship matches that happen every 24 hours and based on your position you step forward in the tier list.

Download MegaBots Battle Arena:

The MegaBots Battle Arena is developed on both android and iOS devices. Click on the below images to download the game from the official Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

download from google play store
Download on the Apple app store

How to Play MegaBots Battle Arena:

When it comes to playing the Megabots, it is very straight forward. The only thing to keep in mind is the attacking power and the HP and maintain a proper balance to win matches. The game allows you to assemble 3 robots at a time and name them separately.

You get limited energy based on the core you use in your robot and each part of the robot consumes some energy. You can only assemble the parts within the limit of energy that your robot’s core permits.

The robot has multiple parts – Head, Core, Arm, Leg, Weapon, Chip.

MegaBots Battle Arena Tips and Tricks

Click on the robot to see the option of the parts and upon clicking on each part, you have the capability to assemble and dismantle each part.

  • Use the left and right move button to move towards the enemy.
  • The jump button on both sides is to jump over the enemy or dodge an enemy attack.
  • There are 4 slots available for crates and only one crate can be opened at a time.
  • At a time, you can unlock only one crate, unless you spend some green crystal to instantly open up a crate or watch a video to skip 30 minutes.
  • The normal crate opens in 2 hours and gives you 5 robot parts.
  • The super crate opens in 6 hours and contains 8 random robot parts.
  • If you win 9 consecutive fights, you get instantly promoted to the next tier. Else, you have to top the daily championship to make your way to the next tier.
  • Upgrade your skills when you have enough skill points.
  • At every tier, you will fight the boss and after defeating, you get the parts from the boss. Yes, this is cool.
  • With the higher tiers, you need to spend days to prepare and upgrade your robot for the boss fight.
Megabots battle arena review

MegaBots Battle Arena Tips and Tricks:

Here are some tips and tricks, if you want to rank higher and move forward quickly in the tier list. As of now, the game has 23 tiers in it and we expect it to be more in the coming days.

  • Always have a balanced attacking power and HP. You must defend yourself while attacking.
  • Insert mini-missile or rocket or any similar weapons in the left and right shoulder. This enables automatic firing on the enemy.
  • If you are dependent on the attack, then two primary weapons in the left and right hands are fine. Else, carrying an energy shield is always a better choice to defend against enemy attacks.
  • Make use of jump buttons to dodge the enemy attack or jump behind the enemy to strike.
  • Use boosters as soon as it is available.
  • Keep on upgrading the robot’s parts through quick fusion using the free parts that you get from the crates.
  • Play the quick fight where you get a normal crate for every 3 fights you win. It does not matter if you are in a winning streak or not.


  • Cool graphics.
  • Fast-paced gameplay.


  • Each fight is very short.
  • The game instructions are not intuitive.
  • There is no multiplayer feature which could have added more interest among friends to fight.
Megabots robot fight

Is it worth your time?

If you have some interest in robot fighting, especially the Real Steel movie, then I can assure you, you will love it. This is among the very few robot fight games that have gained popularity because of the gameplay and the enormous combinations while customizing your robot.

We would suggest to give it a try if you like the online versus fights.


Play store: 4.4/5

How to play MegaBots Battle Arena on PC:

As of now, the MegaBots Battle Arena game is developed only for mobile devices in Android and iOS platforms. However, you can use any mobile emulator like BluStacks, MEmu on your computer to enjoy it on your PC.

Can I play MegaBots Battle Arena offline?

No, the game is completely online. You need to have internet connectivity to play this game as it matches your opponent worldwide in real-time.

Final words:

Personally, I have played the game since its launch in the play store and at first, I could not understand how to assemble and upgrade the robot. But after playing for a couple of hours, I started liking the game and I spend a good amount of time playing MegaBots Battle Arena every day and this megabots review is based on our experience with the game. This is a decent game from an indie developer.

Do share your thoughts on the game and any tips and tricks that work for you to help the gaming community.


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