Monsters War Mobile Game

Monsters War Review: Is it worth playing?

Monsters war, an offline tower defense game launched recently for mobile devices and is gaining momentum in downloads and its user.

If you are a fan of the tower defense game, you can give it a try. In this article, we will review the “Monsters War” tower defense strategy game and share everything we know after playing this game for quite a long time.

About the developer:

The “monsters war” mobile game is developed by divmob, an indie game developer from Vietnam. The developer has developed over 10 mobile games for android and iOS devices and has over 40 million downloads in play store. The concept of each game is very simple yet addicting which has made the developer successful in the mobile gaming industry.

About Monsters War:

Monsters war is a typical tower defense where you need to defend your castle from multiple waves of enemies. Use your own strategy and deploy your troops to smash the enemies.

The 2D pixel art graphics of the game adds the old school look to it. The gameplay is very straight forward yet is an interesting game for killing time. 

Download Monsters War:

Monsters War mobile game is developed for both android and iOS mobile phones. You can download the game from the official Google play store or Apple app store through the below links. We do not recommend you to download the mod version of the game as it might be rebuilt to steal user data.

download from google play store
Download on the Apple app store

How to Play Monsters War:

Monsters War Tips

“Monsters War” is a mobile game with a very simple concept; just destroy the enemy tower while you defend your own castle. The enemy troops are in an infinite loop until you destroy the enemy tower.

Defending your castle is not enough and you have to destroy the enemy tower in order to win the round. The game features 20 characters with a unique ability and hit points.

The gameplay becomes harder and harder with the increasing level. After every 10 levels, there is a super hard level which is pretty difficult to win. Consume the power-ups before you fight a super hard level.

The developer has put the super hard level which is almost impossible to win with the regular troops that you have unlocked. You may need to need to watch an advertisement in order to get one more chance in the losing game.

Additional Tips:

  1. Upgrade and evolve only those troops that you use in the battle and do not waste coins in upgrading all troops.
  2. Deploy your melee troops in front and allow the ranged troops to attack from behind.
  3. Look for the boss enemy that spawns multiple mobs and with ranged troops try to take out that first.
  4. Keep upgrading your castle as well. Upgrading the castle provides more HP and the attacking power.


  1. 20 characters to unlock and play with


  1. There are some levels with high difficulty and you need to see ads to get power-ups/ a chance to complete them. 

Is it worth your time?

Monsters War Chracters

Monsters war is a decent tower defense game for killing time.

If you like simple tower defense games, then you can give “Monsters War” a try. But if you are expecting more powers and nice graphics, then this is not for you; better not to install, you may get disappointed.

The game does not have any ability for the troops, which could have added more spice to the gameplay. Once the troops are deployed, you basically do not have any control over them. This makes the game monotonous if you play for a long time. Some sort of dynamic gameplay could have been more interesting in the game. 


Play store: 4.4/5
App Store: 3.9/5

How to play Monsters War on pc:

Monsters War is developed to play on mobile devices i.e. on android and iOS. However, you can download a mobile emulator like BlueStacks, MEmu on your computer to play on your PC.

Install the emulator first and then download the game through the emulator and enjoy it on your laptop/desktop.

Can I play Monsters War offline?

Yes, Monsters War is an offline game and you do not need internet connectivity to the game.

Is Monsters War multiplayer?

No, Monsters War is not a multi-player and is a single-player tower defense game.

Final words:

We spent quite a lot of time to write the review for this game and we were not thrilled to play this game honestly. The gameplay is pretty basic and not so exciting. One thing you need to keep in mind that the game is developed by an indie game developer and you know, how are the indie games. Thes are concept and story-based and we should not expect lots of features like the game development companies.

We would say, the game is a decent tower defense game if you want to try it out. If you are already playing Monsters world, do share your feedback/experience of the game in the comments section and let everyone and the developer know what could have been better, and possibly they may work on implementing the features to have user engagement.

That’s all for the Monsters War review. Cheers !!!

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