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Everything about Siege Machine in CoC

Well, if are a fan of Clash of Clans and have already unlocked the siege machine or you are excited about unlocking them, then this post is for you. You are going to know everything about the siege machine in CoC (Clash of Clans) in this article.

What are the Siege Machines:

Siege machines are special weapons cum carriers built in the Workshop in level 12 town hall. There are 4 types of siege machines that have a different type of way of attacking and carries clan castle troops in it.

The siege machines are destroyed upon reaching its target (enemy base townhall) or by the player manually or taking excessive damage from the enemy defense system. Once the siege machine is destroyed, the clan castle troops inside it are revealed.

One interesting thing about the siege machine is after its introduction, the town halls are placed outside of the base to defend a 3 star attack. Earlier, people were protecting the town hall at the center of the base, which no longer holds good.

How to get Siege Machine in CoC:

If you want to build the siege machines, you need to have town hall 12 or more along with the siege workshop, which is unlocked at town hall level 12.

But, if you are at town hall 10 or 11, you can get all the 5 types of siege machines through clan castle donations. To receive the donations you must have clan castle level 6.

With each level of the workshop, you get different types of siege machines.

  1. At level 1 of the workshop, Wall Wrecker is unlocked.
  2. At level 2, the Battle Blimp siege machine is unlocked.
  3. At level 3, the Stone Slammer is unlocked.
  4. At level 4, the mighty Siege Barracks is unlocked.
  5. At level 5, the newly introduced OP Log Launcher is unlocked.

However, if you are getting a siege machine in your troops, based on your clan perks, the siege machine level is increased like other troops.

Click on each of the siege machine images to read more about them.

Battle Blimp coc
Battle Blimp
Stone Slammer coc
Stone Slammer
Siege Barracks coc
Siege Barracks

Load troops into the siege machine:

The only way to load troops into the siege machine is through clan castle. The troops in the clan castle are automatically loaded into the siege machines.

Whether you build the siege machine on your own or get from the clanmates, you need to get the clan castle troops to load into them; you cannot use your own troops for the siege machine. This means the Siege Machine will carry fewer troops if your cc is not fully filled.

Siege Machine types:

In Clash of clans, there are 5 types of Siege machines unlocked at each level of the Workshop.

  1. Wall Wrecker
  2. Battle Blimp
  3. Stone Slammer
  4. Siege Barracks
  5. Log Launcher

Each level of the Siege Machine works in a different way than the other. The 1st and 2nd siege machines target the enemy town hall whereas the 3rd i.e. the stone slammer targets the enemy defense, the 4th Siege Machine works completely differently and is placed outside the base that spawns one P.E.K.K.A and a bunch of wizards in regular time intervals. The newly added 5th siege machine i.e. Log Launcher works almost same as Wall Wrecker and Battle Blimp but with maximum range.

All the siege machines have one thing in common that the clan castle troops are deployed once the siege machine is destroyed or opened manually.

Siege machine tips:

  1. Siege machines are immune to spells. So, don’t waste your spell on the siege machines. However, just before the siege machine is destroyed, you can use spells for the clan castle troops coming out of the siege machine.
  2. Healer’s healing power also does not apply on the Siege Machines.
  3. Only the Grand Warden’s ability can be applied on siege machines to make it immune to attacks.

Siege machine trivia:

  1. You can build 3 siege machines at any time.
  2. You can have a maximum of 4 siege machines; 3 trained by your own and 1 through a clan castle.
  3. After the siege machine is deployed, you can open it any anytime.
  4. The Wall Wrecker, Battle Blimp and Log Launcher siege machines targets the enemy town hall and breaks apart upon reaching at the TH position.
  5. Stone Slammer are giant balloons that drops stones doing heavy splash damage.
  6. Siege Barracks deployed additional troops i.e. 1 P.E.K.K.A and a bunch of wizards apart from the regular CC troops.

That’s all about the siege machines in Clash of Clans mobile game. All the siege machines have their own pros and cons and its not like there is something over-powered. You can use any of them strategically to get a 3 star from any base. You can literally crush any base.

Do let us and others know what is your favorite siege machine.

Cheers !!!

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