Bobs World 2 - Super Jungle Adventure

Super Bob’s World 2020 – Review

If you have played Mario games, then probably you would love Super Bob’s World 2020. After the huge success of Bob’s World – Super Run with over 50 million downloads, finally, the developers have released the sequel of the game.

Super Bob’s World 2020 is released on July 28 2020 in play store. In just 2 weeks, the game was able to get over a million downloads especially the fans from the first part of the game and within a month, this mobile game has gained popularity and has a user base of 5+ millions.

About the developer:

The developer of Super Bob’s World is OneSoft Global PTE. LTD., a Singapore based game publisher. They have 29 games in the play store while writing this article.

Some of the games are highly appreciated by its users like Bob’s world (part 1), Super Bino Go, Pep’s World and some had very few downloads. The last few games from the developer are adventure games inspired by the old school princess rescue. 

About Super Bob’s World 2020:

The Super Bob’s World is a sequel of Bob’s World – Super Run. The game has similar gameplay as that of Princess Rescue and Mario. The game has nice graphics and smooth music and game effects. You do not need a high end mobile device to play this game; any decent smartphone will be able to run Super Bob’s World smoothly.

The game is rated as 3+ and is very much suitable for all age groups and is free to download from the play store and app store. The free version of the game contains ads and yes this is how the developers survive. If you want to remove ads, you need to buy it.

The game has in-app purchases where you can buy different characters, bullets, and power-ups and a starter pack for a kick start.

Download Super Bob’s World 2020:

Super Bob’s World mobile game is available only on android right now. But we can expect the game to be available on iOS devices soon.

Click on the below image to download the game from the play store. We recommend downloading the game from official channels, not from third-party websites as nobody knows there can be malware and viruses.

Bobs World 2 - Super Jungle Adventure Gameplay

How to Play:

Super Bob’s World game is an adventure game where you have to reach the goal and on the way, you have to collect the coins and stars and other potions/powers, shields, and many more.

To get 3 stars in the game, you have to collect all the 3 stars at that level. If you are able to collect 2 stars on a particular level, you will end up with 2 stars.

Here are the instructions to play the game.

  • Left-hand side buttons are to move forward and backward.
  • On the right side, the jump button is present. If there are pipes that allow you to get inside it, then the down button is enabled.
  • For higher jump, double-tap or hold the jump button.
  • The right bomb button is to fire at your enemies. Remember you have limited bullets at each level.
  • Jump on to the enemies (mushrooms, snails, flying beasts) to kill them.
  • You will face the boss fight after every 15 levels. Personally I like the boss fights.
  • Collect the potions to grow stronger.
  • The shield in the game gives you god mode for a limited time.
  • Collect the 3 stars available in the game
  • The more coins you collect, the more you can spend to buy more bullets and powers from the game store and can spend on spinning the lucky wheel.

Additional Tips:

  • Collect the daily gift everyday to get free cards, power, and coins.
  • If you have enough coins, you can try out the lucky wheel to get additional items. Each spin costs 300 coins.
  • Of course, you can watch video advertisements to have more spins and get video gifts.
  • You may see a girl offering a gift in the game. Avoid watching videos to get gifts while playing, it breaks the enthusiasm.


  1. The game has superb graphics and control.


  1. Too many ads in the free version. The developers try to push optional ads wherever possible.
  2. No user profile to store the progress. Once the game is uninstalled, you need to start from level 1 again.

Is it worth your time?

If you are trying to kill your time with a nice entertaining game, then Super Bob’s World is probably for you. While travelling, this game can be a perfect companion.

Right now, one downside to this game is, there are not many levels available. The developers will be adding new levels soon.

Play store: 4.4/5

How to play Super Bob’s World 2020 on PC:

The Super Bob’s World is not developed to play on PC. However, by using an emulator, you can play it on your computer.

You can use BlueStacks or MEmu to play Super Bob’s World on your PC.

Can I play Super Bob’s World offline?

Yes, the game can be played offline.

Final Words:

If you want to kill your time with some retro style mobile games, this can be a perfect choice. If you are already playing the game or thinking to try it out, go ahead and install it from play store.

Share your comments and experience in the comments section to let everyone know what you think about the “Super Bob’s World 2020” game.

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