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Tank Hero Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

For all the tank game lovers, Tank Hero is a cool featured amazing mobile game available in both android and iOS devices.

The Tank Hero is a free-to-play game and is kind of addicting you can say when it comes to the gameplay. In this Tank Hero guide/review, we will cover all the aspects of this casual game.

About Tank Hero:

Tank Hero is a casual offline shooter mobile game where you have to upgrade your tank and get new tanks to fight against a wave of enemies. The enemies can be tanks, other war machines or even dragon-like creatures.

At each level, you have to defend your tank while destroying all the enemy tanks to pass each level.

The game is rated as 3+ and is suitable for all age groups. While we play each game to provide a perfect review, we found this game to be much more addicting than we expected.

Download Tank Hero:

The Tank Hero mobile game is available on both Android and iOS mobiles. Here are the official download links to the google play store and Apple app store.

We recommend you to download all the games from authentic sources as non-trusted sources may inject malware into your device.

download from google play store
Download on the Apple app store

How to Play:

The Tank Hero has amazing gameplay and if you have just installed the game, this Tank Hero guide will help you understand the game and play in a better way and complete the game quickly.

At the time of writing this article, the game has 10 worlds and each world has 20 or 50 levels. With the level increasing the enemy attack becomes stronger and you need to keep on upgrading your tank in order to survive against the wave of attacks.

Each season lasts for 15 days and there are 16 tiers in one season. Under free pass, the rewards are less whereas if you have a battle pass, then there are higher rewards, even multiple times of free pass. And, of course, like other games, you need to buy the battle pass if you are interested. Complete all the tiers in every season to get valuable resources including steel and titanium chest key.

Use the keys to unlock the treasure chests and you may unlock new tanks from the garage. You need to complete quests in order to get mission chests.

In the workshop, you can increase HP or increase the power of your tank. In between the levels, you get random power-ups and defense systems applicable in that world and if your tank is destroyed, then you have to start over from level 1 in that world.

Start the game with an initial ability of your choice and on your journey, keep adding more abilities or upgrade any abilities.

There is limited energy in the game that you consume whenever you play. Each time you start playing, you consume 5 energy and the energy is recharged over time.

Head on to your garage to see a number of tanks from epic, rare, and great levels.

You can skill up by upgrading your talents. To upgrade, you need coins. One easy way to earn more coins is to spin the wheel whenever it appears in the game or watch an advertisement for additional spins. Yes, the ads in the game disturb the gaming spirit.

At the end of each level, you have to fight the boss. Keep in mind, if your tank is destroyed, you have to start from the first level again.

Tank Hero tips and tricks:

Keep upgrading your tanks and ammo:

Upgrade Tank in Tank Hero

You should always upgrade your tanks as soon as there is an upgrade available. Keep upgrading the ammo, armor, chip, and the secondary weapon to equip yourself for tougher enemies.

You can upgrade the tank and other equipment by using coins. Also, you can enhance the capability of ammo, chips, and secondary weapons by using other equipment as upgrade material.

In the game, all the tanks are having different features. You will get to know which one suits you the most by playing some time with each tank.

Upgrade your Talents:

Tank Hero talents list

Talents are the skill points in the game. Using coins, you can upgrade your talents randomly. It’s your in-game talents of course :D.

Tank Hero has 12 skill points/talents in the game including health, move speed, rapid-fire, hp recovery, etc. With each upgrade, your tank becomes stronger and stronger.

Maintain distance from enemies:

In Tank Hero, you will encounter a huge number of enemies with different types, some are flying, some are fixed and some running, rolling, and so on. But the attack types can be either melee or ranged.

Maintaining a safe distance from ranged enemy tanks will make you survive through the different waves. The same applies for enemies with melee attacks. If you have a safe distance you get more time to dodge the enemy bullets, missiles, bombs, and other types of attacks.

Do not corner yourself:

In the game never ever corner yourself. Always keep on moving. If you are cornered, then the melee attack enemies surround and escaping will be a challenge. On top of that, the ranged weapons will take you down in a matter of seconds.

Mind the ground in each level:

Tank Hero guide - traps and mines

While you fight through the enemy waves, be careful of the land mines and the fire throwers on the ground.

The land mines deal heavy damage as soon as you run over one. In the case of fire throwers, you have a better chance to avoid as they fire at regular intervals. You can easily avoid those.

Dodging your tank from enemy attacks along with being mindful of the traps is what will make your way to the next level.

Be careful while choosing power-ups:

You get initial power-up if you have unlocked the GLORY from your talents list. Almost after every level, you get an option to choose from 3 power-ups which include many varieties of attacks and defense systems. Choose one wisely from the list.

If you prefer being more offensive, then keep on gathering more attacking ones like bounce, fire shot, acid shot, attack speed or unmanned turret, etc.

While being offensive, you must have decent defense also. HP recovery, defense system, respite like power-ups will help you maintain your HP while you fight your way out.

Attack strategy:

While you are on a killing spree, try to finish a single target first and then go for another. In this way, you will be able to minimize the number of bullets, missiles targeted at you.

Hold down the joystick to have a super attack to close by enemies. This is helpful when there are multiple targets nearby.

There are certain enemy tanks that are equipped with ranged weapons. Taking them out first makes your life easy in the game.

Observe the pattern during boss fight:

The boss fight can be very tough if you randomly try to dodge each attack of the boss tank. Observe the pattern of the attack during the boss fight. There will be enough safe distance most of the time to dodge each attack.

Since the boss at each level is having high HP and the difficulty increases at each level, getting a few power-ups that deal with high damage like fire shot, the acid shot will make you stronger in the game.

When it comes to defense against the boss, you can have respite and defense-system to survive the mighty boss attack.

For most of the bosses, the bullets scatter when it covers a long distance. So, try to maintain a long-distance to easily dodge the firepower. When at close distance, attack with the superpower by holding the joystick.


  • Amazing gameplay
  • High-quality graphics
  • Creative enemy tanks and their attacks


You have to complete each world in one continuous game. If you die in between, you have the option to revive yourself once by seeing advertisements or spending 20 diamonds. This makes the game kind of repetitive if you die in the higher levels.

Is it worth your time?

If you are looking for a casual offline shooter game, then probably Tank Hero is one of the best. It is a simple game yet loaded with tons of combinations that you can try out in the game. Probably you will love the game when you play.

Keep in mind, the game is pretty much addictive. If you are a gamer or not, it does not matter, you can always enjoy this game.


Play store: 4.4/5

How to play Tank Hero on pc:

The game is developed only on android and iOS devices and not available on Windows/Mac platform. However, if you want to play Tank Hero on your computer, then you can install a mobile emulator like BlueStacks or MEmu on your computer and install Tank Hero.

You will have the same gaming experience on PC as well.

Can I play Tank Hero offline?

The game can be played in offline mode. However, any upgrade or any season challenge or even opening a crate needs to have internet connection to sync with the server.

Final words:

Tank Hero is a small casual game loaded with fun and superb gameplay where you take down enemy tanks while defending your tank. This game can be your perfect companion to kill time at any time.

We completed all the levels to write this review and it was kind of an addiction 🙂 and this tank hero guide will help you to finish the game quickly.

Do share your experience and if you have any tips and tricks of Tank Hero, share in the comments and let others know.


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