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Wall Wrecker in CoC | Clash of Clans | Siege Machine

The Wall Wrecker is the very first siege machine unlocked in the workshop. This ground type siege machine aims at the enemy town hall and demolishes all the walls and building on its way with a 10x damage on walls.

Here are the all the details you need if you are using Wall Wrecker in CoC.

Wall Wrecker Overview:

  • Wall Wrecker is the first Siege machine unlocked in the workshop. As soon as the Workshop construction is completed, the Wall Wrecker becomes available.
  • Wherever you deploy the Wall Wrecker, it moves towards the enemy town hall in a straight line breaking all the walls and defense systems on its line of attack.
  • On its way, the wall wrecker does 10 times damage on the walls.
  • Once the Wall Wrecker is destroyed by the enemy defense, the clan castle troops come out of it.
  • Upon reaching the town hall, automatically the clan castle troops come out.
  • You can also manually open the Wall Wrecker Siege Machine at any time after deployment.
  • If your clan castle troops are partially filled or empty, then if the Wall Wrecker is destroyed, only those many cc troops are released from it.
Wall Wrecker in Coc

Attack Strategy with Wall Wrecker in CoC:

  • If you are planning to have Wall Wrecker in your squad, keep in mind the position of the enemy town hall. If the enemy town hall is at the center of the base, then it is a good idea to go with Wall Wrecker. The wall wrecker opens up compartments and your kill squad can penetrate deep into the base.
  • But, if the town hall is outside of the base, then it is a kind of a waste of using this Siege Machine, it directly goes towards the TH, even if it is destroyed and spawns the cc troops right on the town hall position.
  • If you ever encounter such a base where the town hall is outside, then deploying the wall wrecker on the opposite side of the town hall will be a better idea. Choose a position to deploy where more number of defenses present on the wall wrecker’s path to maximize damage.
  • You can use the wall wrecker not just for destroying the town hall, but you can target Scattershot, Inferno Tower, and Eagle Artillery.
  • The best troops you can carry in the wall wrecker are bowler, valkyrie, or hog rider as they are fast. With rage spell, these cc troops can devastate the enemy base. For bowlers and valkyries, drop 1 – 2 jump spells to jump to other compartments quickly.
  • Just before the wall wrecker is destroyed, put a rage spell and healing spell to protect and maximize damage as soon as the troops come out.  
  • Spawn a few giants before deploying the wall wrecker to distract the enemy defense for some time.
  • The best combination of troops with wall wreckers can be hog riders, bowlers. You can also try out HoBo or LavaLoon along with the siege machine.

Defense Strategy with Wall Wrecker:

  • Against the wall wrecker, it is common to have the town hall outside of the walls. Though a strategic attack on this type of base can give a 3 star, this is the better position for the TH than at the center.
  • Try placing the gold storage and elixir storage backed up by inferno tower on the possible position of kill squad deployment.

Log Launcher statistics:

Favorite TargetWalls (Damage x10)
Damage TypeArea Splash
Housing Space1
Movement Speed12
Training Cost (Gold)100,000
Training Time (Minutes)20
LevelDamage per SecondHitpointsTraining Cost
Training Time
Upgrade Time
Upgrade Cost

Final words:

The Wall Wrecker is a better option if you are planning a ground attack, but with the introduction of the mighty Log Launcher, it is something we will know in the future which siege machine becomes the favorites of the clashers all over the world.

That’s all about the Wall Wrecker in CoC. If you have any other Wall Wrecker strategy in CoC working or you, do share in comments and other fellow readers know.

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